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Brand Ruchi Trivedi, is a clothing and lifestyle brand catering to the needs of those who want to bring positive change in the fashion industry by working within the ecosystem.

The creative director behind this brand ‘Ruchi Trivedi’  likes to stay connected with nature.  The label constantly refreshes and presents new looks by taking inspiration from imperfectly perfect forms of nature.

Every exclusive piece of brand rhythms well with the uniqueness of a person’s individual personality and makes them feel comfortable, confident and aware about the product they are using which is specially designed for them with great care and love by indian artisans within the ecosystem.

Brand ‘Ruchi Trivedi’ styles effortless and elegant looks with simply sophisticated and sustainable products.
we believe: “simple living and high thinking because simplicity is not that simple.”
Designer’s Journey

Artistic Director of  the brand ‘Ruchi Trivedi’ always has a keen interest in art and culture. She is a strong personality with deep rooted passion for art, fashion, different culture, tradition and history that deep understanding is biggest source of her inspiration and reflect in her work  
  Being an energetic and determined designer, she has designed customized garments for many personal clients from all over the world. With deep knowledge and know-how of art, craft and design, she has started her own women’s wear label “Ruchi Trivedi” in 2013  
Since childhood, she has shown interest in exploring various forms of art. She was a trained classical singer during her school days. However, her spirited passion doesn’t take a pause there; to explore more,  she decided to study Fine Arts & Fashion Design from Ahmedabad, India where she learned all about visual art and the journey from art to design started.
Ruchi has also showcased her art installation in the very reputed  Kalaghoda art festival in Mumbai, India and also displayed her art works in renowned art galleries all over india.
She moved to Europe in 2018 to understand more about the global fashion market, history and journey of fashion, she has pursued Masters in Contemporary Fashion design in Paris & Florence. During her european journey, she understood and explored the evolution of european fashion and its impact on the global and indian fashion industry.
She strongly supports sustainable fashion within the ecosystem.

Buy ethical, Buy intelligent, support the planet & environment

“Be part of the CHANGE”


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